A Change In Direction

It’s beautiful out here this morning!  Got some fresh snow last night.  I love to see snow glistening on the tree limbs, enveloping us in a huge white canopy.  The sunlight reflecting off of the fresh snow like millions of tiny diamonds is just as impressive.

So, got your snowshoes?  You forgot them?  Well, I’ve got an extra pair for you.  Put these on.  And while you’re doing that, I’ll fill you in on what we’re doing…

You may have picked up on it, but we’ve been heading in a northerly direction since we started our journey.  The trail we’ve been walking is a well-used one, but it doesn’t change direction–and we need it to.  We need to head directly north from this point, so we’re breaking our own trail from here on.  The snow is deep, so it’ll be slow going.  But we’ll make headway!

Choices.  Aren’t they complicated sometimes?  We’re making one now.  And every one of them has a consequence to it–cause and effect, as it were.  When God gave us that freedom to choose for ourselves, it came with the responsibility of shouldering those consequences.  Something many of us don’t like to do and some of us even try to avoid.  Now, I realize that you may not believe what I believe about God and the Bible, but walk this out with me for just a few seconds–after all, you are actually walking in my snowshoes right now.  Even if you choose not to believe this, at least you can understand where I’m coming from.

When God created mankind and gave Adam and Eve freewill, He did so out of His love for the only part of His creation that was made in His own image–us.  He knew that the only way He would truly have our love in return for His was for us to be able to freely choose to love Him back–or not.  It’s that “or not” that makes all the difference in the world.  Because that means it’s our choice–not His–what we do with His love:  accept it or reject it.

The funny thing is, it’s those same people who don’t want to acknowledge Him that get so upset when they’re told that Hell awaits them if they don’t choose differently (that argument of “how can a loving God send anyone to a place like that?”).  But think it through….He’s simply giving that person for eternity what they wanted their whole life on earth:  a life without God.

He certainly has created some beautiful things, hasn’t He?  Look at the beauty of winter that is all around us.  Some would argue, “Where’s the proof that He exists?”  And I would respond, “Where’s the proof that He doesn’t?  Look around you; there is proof everywhere.”

One thing I know for certain:  The person with an experience is never at the mercy of the person with a theory.

I’ll have a good joke to share with you next time we catch up.  I think you’ll enjoy it!


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  1. Very thought provoking…excellent writing. I’m enjoying your blog so much and always look forward to your next post. I think I’m your #1 fan!

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