A Comedian In The Family

A comedian in the family is something everyone should have the opportunity to experience.  For our family, it’s our younger son, Ben.

This kid will utter all kinds of weird sounds from the bathroom as he takes his daily shower.  And with a huge mirror in the bathroom, he is his own captive audience as he plays out various routines in his head.  Needless to say, this usually gets him in some sort of trouble for taking so long in the bathroom.  I don’t think he really thinks much of it though.  I really wonder if being a comedian might be in his future.

Just yesterday morning, we were sitting around the dining room table eating our breakfast.  For our family, it is a Saturday morning tradition to have fresh donuts from the local bakery.  As William (our older son), Ben, and myself were eating ours, I shared a quick thought.  I mentioned how my wife has found lately that it doesn’t take much for her sweet tooth to get over-loaded and a sugar buzz to set in.  Without missing a beat, Ben piped up with, “Well, us three just power through it.”  A comedian at work….

Ben’s latest trend has been speaking with a California “surfer dude” dialect.  Sometimes it’s done so well that it’s hard to understand what he has just said.  The only word that I can make out clearly every time is when he calls me “Bra”.  As in, “Wassup, Bra?”  Add the goofy facial features that he often accompanies those words with and our family comedian strikes again.  I guess I don’t mind so much being called a piece of women’s clothing.

God’s Word tells us how important humor is.  And since we’re made in His image, that means humor came from Him as well.  Which leads me to wonder:  How much of a comedian is God Himself?  I think we will be pleasantly surprised when we are finally with Him to find out!



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