A Problem Or An Opportunity

Hello again!  Glad we could hook up one more time as we venture together (here lately there hasn’t been any need for snowshoes!).

I recently had a situation occur that got me thinking about something (it was actually as recent as this morning).  We have a fifty-five gallon aquarium in our carpeted living room.  I woke up one morning to find a couple of six-inch-diameter wet spots on the carpeting that were about a foot away from the aquarium.  I knew I had just done a water change the day before, but found that the water level was lower than it should be.  My heart skipped a few beats as I opened up the doors on the front of the aquarium stand to find that the panel-covered bottom of the stand was all wet, as was the bottom of everything that was under there.

After looking everything over, I still don’t know where the water has come from.  The aquarium and aquarium stand have every appearance of being solid and dry (save the wet paneling on the bottom of the aquarium stand).  So one would logically assume that the water filter is to blame (that’s what sits under the aquarium and cleans up the aquarium water).  But everything around the lid’s seal was dry–no sign of a leak of any kind!  So where in all of God’s great creation has this water come from??

I still don’t know the answer to that question.  So as I sit here puzzling this out and taking the necessary steps to get this cleaned up, dried up and all that jazz, my thoughts go to something my wife told me that was very encouraging.  She gave me a big hug and told me how proud she was of me and my behavior during this unplanned and potentially huge problem (at one point we were having to seriously consider a complete tear-down to get at wet carpeting).  She said that I kept my cool and didn’t react anything like I would have when we first got married–or even as recently as a year ago.  That’s hard for me to see.  Of course, when you think about something like that, when you’re under your own microscope you usually don’t see what others see.  But hearing that simply lets me know that God is indeed at work in my life.

So why am I telling you this?  Well, we all face things every day that we have a choice in how we go about handling.  Do we choose to just react like the ugly side of us wants to do?  (That’s certainly the easiest option.)  Or do we choose to respond in what we all usually know is the “better way”?  I’ll say this:  Responding is definitely harder to do than reacting.  And the “better way” is usually, if not always, the harder of the two paths to go down.  But we both know what we should do…don’t we?

What is a similar situation you have found yourself in?  Did you succeed in choosing the better way?  I’d love to hear from you!