Along The Journey

So, we’re on our way north…..

The weather today feels like it!  It’s been pretty warm lately, but some very cool weather has moved in–only for a day or two though.  Might want your jacket on today.  Got mine on and a cuppa coffee in my hand.  I love this kind of  weather!

I wanted to share something humorous with you today, but I felt I was to go in a different direction.  You know how we’ve talked about God-given Dreams and the pursuit of them?  Here’s some food for thought to add to what we’ve already talked about.  And just a reminder, I realize that you might believe differently about the God of the Bible than I do, but just try this on for size and tell me what you think (isn’t it worth stretching your beliefs if it means the possibility of finding the reality of something better?)

God has given me a huge Dream.  He has shown me where I and my family are going, but not how we’re going to get there.  Just the way God likes it!  Why?  Because it puts us very much in a state of dependence on Him.  Trust.  Not in logic or reason–there’s a place for that, but not at the expense of Faith–but rather in God Himself and His ability and willingness to come through.  Again and again.  And every time that He does, it becomes easier to trust Him and what He is doing.

I’ve got some things going on in my life right now that quite frankly should have me stressing out.  But I have found that the more I choose to trust the God of the Bible, the easier it is to do so.  I have started doing this just like anyone else would:  tripping myself up a lot at first, but the more I have put this into practice, the easier I find it is to not think things and to just trust Him.  Period.  Not easy, but worth doing.  It sure makes life more simple with far less worry going on (also the way He likes it).  I’m not an expert at this–not by a long shot–but I’m well on my way.  And hopefully experiencing that walk with your company, which means you have chosen to do the same on this journey with me.  Very exciting!

I am also finding that the more I do this, the happier I am and the more I enjoy my life…right now.  It’s no wonder our enemy tries so hard to get us in that dark place and keep us there (remember that talk too?).  Oh, how much faster God’s plan comes to pass when we trust Him, not let our joy be affected and become stronger in every way through the whole process.  Satan realizes he’s wasting his time and moves on to somebody else who will cave under his pressure (he’s under a budget, you know, with limited resources; God…well, God has unlimited….everything).

Remember, you have the freedom to believe whatever you want to believe about this stuff.  But which way of believing is ultimately more productive and beneficial for you?  Jesus is very real–whether you want to believe it or not–and He loves you so much that He gave you the freedom to choose to accept Him or reject Him as your Savior.  Pretty simple.  But a choice with absolutely huge and incomprehensible ramifications.  So choose wisely, my friend…..