Bloodsuckers And Other Such Memories

Remember that group of family friends my brother and I had growing up that I mentioned a while back?  (If not, go to “The Tire Bulge”, “Ring Around The Rosy” and “The Bus RV” to get brushed up on them.)  One set of Cindy’s grandparents had a cabin on a lake way up in the heart of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, about a half hour south of Lake Superior.  This cabin was so remote that it had no electricity, an outhouse for a bathroom and an old-fashioned water pump to get water into the kitchen sink.  My family went up there twice during my childhood, both of those times producing some very interesting memories.  Shall I recount a few for you?  Yes, let’s!

Our first trip up there occurred at somewhere around the age of twelve for me.  We went up for close to two weeks and joined Cindy’s family, Jeff’s family and a couple other families that we all did things with from time to time: one of those families had a son named Todd and the other had two sons named Nate and Jesse.  I remember that we no sooner got up there and Nate and Kelly (Jeff’s younger sister) wanted to fish off the dock while the parents all set up the tents.  (Mind you, this is towards the evening hours after everyone has spent a good six to eight hours on the road to get there.)  It didn’t take long for someone to get hurt and that, in Kelly’s mind, is probably an understatement.  We all suddenly heard screaming from the dock and as we all came running, we saw that Nate, who had been casting his fishing line from the end of the dock, had successfully hooked and landed Kelly.  Or at least her cheek.  Gave it a good yank, too, because as it turns out, she got too close to him as he back-casted his fishing line and drove his fishing hook right into her cheek as he brought the line overhead.  So now the adults had to figure in an unplanned trip to the local emergency room, which for that part of the U.P., was not conveniently located just around the corner.  Needless to say, after that incident not more than one kid was allowed on the dock at any one time when any fishing was going on for the rest of the trip.  And I doubt very much that Kelly went anywhere near Nate and a fishing pole.

Stick around and I’ll share some more next time!