Holiday Seasons

Holiday seasons for most of us are busy.  If you think about it, that includes July 4th, Easter and the like.  But none carry the stigma of busyness like the Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year season.

As you are well aware, the next big holiday season is almost upon us.  Already, many are doing their Christmas shopping to get it out of the way and making preparations for who’s going where for Thanksgiving this year.  Also for many, to say that this particular holiday season is stressful is an understatement.  The busyness that often comes with this one can be overwhelming and intimidating.  So how does one get through that and still enjoy the season?  It often takes some work to come up with an answer, but it is possible.

A co-worker and I were recently talking about birthdays and anniversaries.  I found out that as a result, the Christmas season is particularly busy for her.  Why?  Well, she has six grown children a fact which has produced umpteen grandchildren for her.  Take a look at her December every year:

On the 5th:  Granddaughter’s birthday

On the 7th:  Son’s Anniversary

On the 9th:  Twin grandsons’ birthdays (unfortunately, born and died within this same day)

On the 12th:  Her own Anniversary

On the 13th:  Granddaughter’s birthday

On the 14th:  Husband’s birthday

On the 17th:  Daughter’s birthday

On the 18th:  Two different grandsons’ birthdays

On the 25th:  (Christmas)

On the 29th:  Son’s death

On the 31st:  Granddaughter’s birthday

Yes, among all of that celebration and remembrance is a Holiday somewhere.  I imagine after a month like that, she and her husband are ready for a vacation.  A getaway.  A retreat with no responsibilities.  Do you think that happens for them?  Probably not.  But at least they can imagine themselves on one until it actually happens, right?  (She and her husband did just come back recently from a nice vacation, so at least they’re geared up for what’s coming.)

So next time you think you’re busy trying to get everything done in time for the family coming over on Christmas Day, say a prayer to the God of Heaven for this woman and her family to be able to truly enjoy the holiday season.  Maybe someone’s doing the same for you!

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