In The Beginning…..

Hello.(….”My name is Inigo Montoya.  You killed my father.  Prepare to die.”)

Sorry.  I can’t help but hear those lines whenever I see the word “hello” (if you don’t know what those lines are from, stick around for a minute and I’ll tell you).

Matthew is my name.  Glad you could join me.  This promises to be a fantastic journey, and I’m thrilled you’re willing to walk this leg of it with me.  Let me post some landmarks before we go….

You should know that I am a follower of Jesus Christ–a “Christ-one” or “Christian” in today’s vernacular.  You should also know that I have the utmost respect for your right to believe what you believe.  I don’t push my beliefs on anyone; I simply want you to know where I’m coming from as we head out and that I speak of Him often (that’s what Best Friends do).

One more landmark to post:  this blog is about walking in my shoes for a while, and me walking in yours.  Life can pass by so fast and before we know it, we’ve missed all kinds of opportunities to touch others’ lives and experience life with them–joys and sorrows and everything in-between.  And why snowshoes??  It has to do with where we’re heading.  I’ll fill you in as we go….

Oh yeah.  Those lines are from a classic 80’s movie called “The Princess Bride” (one of the best “escape-into-a-fun-story-for-two-hours” movies ever made).

Ready?  Let’s get our boots on, zip our coats up and head on out.  We’ve got a lot of ground to cover……

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  1. love..Love..LOVE this post!!..I’m definitely intrigued. I have my shoes on and my coat zipped…where do you wanna go?

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