King On The Mountain

Do you remember playing “King On The Mountain” as a kid?  Also known as “King Of The Mountain” in some circles, it’s a power-hungry game for children (and some adults).  If you happen to be unfamiliar with this game, here is a brief but accurate description.

As children play innocently together, one of them looks up and sees something that is able to be climbed.  (This could be a pile of anything:  snow….dirt….tires….manure….anything worth climbing and dominating.)  The child moves closer, getting the attention of all the other kids.  With a gleam in his eye as he passes by, the other kids begin to follow.  As this child climbs to the top, however, a subtle but steady change begins to take place.  What was, just moments ago, a sweet and gentle persona has morphed into that of a merciless dictator.

Once at the top, the Hitler protégé attempts to do everything within his power to keep everyone else off.  Slaps across the face, kicks to the groin, pushes and pulls, yanks and yinks–anything goes to keep that dominant position.  (Yinks are an advanced form of yanks and should only be attempted when playing this game.)  When all attempts to unseat this self-imposed ruler have been vanquished, everyone involved is instantly bored with it (except the dictator) and the game is suddenly over.

Now that this foundation has been laid, catch up with me next time and I’ll share with you something that happened in northern Michigan one summer!