Last Day Of Winter

The last day of Winter!  I don’t know about you, but as for me and my family, this day comes with mixed emotions.  If you’re like most people we know, Spring can’t come soon enough.  For us, though, we are the few….the proud….we are:  The Snow People.

We love snow!  Granted, the bus picture above is extreme (that was too amazing not to share).  But this winter has been an absolute joke in that regard.  Where we are in Ohio has had mostly dustings of snow with an occasional batten-down-the-hatches snowfall of an inch….maybe two.  Not even worth going to the store for to stock up on milk and eggs.  My snowblower hasn’t seen any action in two years now (last year had similar conditions down here).  I say “down here” because, for me, nothing speaks more of winter and snow than northern Michigan.

That family cabin on Carp Lake that I’ve mentioned before?  Northern Michigan, baby.  I’ve gotten weather reports all winter long from up there.  Now they have seen some snow!  And it about made me cry every time, too.  My whole family felt the pangs of jealousy hit as reports of five-to-eight inches of snow up there came across the weather app on my phone.  In the meantime, down here our boys got their sleds out once this winter.  Once.  And that was to take advantage of an inch-and-a-half of snow that fell overnight.  That snow was completely gone by day two.  Sigh…..

Our attitude lately has been If this is what the rest of winter is going to be like, bring on the green of Spring!  We even changed our phone and computer wallpapers from winter-type themes to…well, something else…weeks ago.

So bring on Spring!  Welcome, all you spring-time flowers and buds on the trees!  We’ve been seeing you poking through the ground for weeks now, anyway, so just go right on ahead and do your thing!  In the meantime, this family of Snow People will chalk up this winter as a loss and believe for something far more promising for the next winter season.

Happy Spring to you!