Probably the first thing you think of when you see the word “limerick” is a leprechaun skipping down a countryside road in Ireland somewhere, the cool shoreside breezes blowing his bright red beard hither and yon as he belts out one rhyming five-line stanza after another.

Limericks, for me, started way back when I was a wee lad.  My brother and I had a Goofy album called “Children’s Riddles & Game Songs”  (How do I know this?  I still have it.)  Overall, I enjoyed the whole album.  But when it got to the limericks Goofy would share with the listener, they were the best!  I still remember a couple of them:

There once was a man from Sneeds,

Who simple indeed were his needs.

Said he, “To save toil

Growing things in the soil,

I’ll just eat the packets of seeds.”

Aaheeuull!!  (Envision hearing Goofy give one of his famous laughs right here.  I know, that’s pitiful, but how do you put a laugh like that in writing??)

There once was a woman from Wooster,

Who used to crow like a rooster.

She used to climb

Two trees at a time,

But her sister used to boost her!

I know….kid humor, but I sure remember those being funny back then.

I remember having to make a “Poetry Book” for my Mom for Valentine’s Day one year in early grade school.  Yes indeed, one of the requirements of that assignment was a page of limericks that were supposed to be originals.  I thought long and hard–or short and soft, depending on whether you think it’s humorous or not–and came up with, at least by my standards back then, what I felt were some rather good lines for the poetry masterpiece I was to make:

I once knew a boy named Nick

Who very much liked to kick.

But he kicked a ball

And took a great fall.

Now he’s given up the trick.

Hmmm.  I read that now and it’s just not as good as I thought it was back then.  So let’s see what I can come up with now:

I have a favorite football team,

The college type–colors white and green.

If they could just dominate

And then subjugate,

They’d be college football’s “Bruce Lee”!