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My wife and I both grew up with our individual families going camping in pop-up campers.  So, it would naturally be inevitable that my wife and I would own a pop-up of our own.  But it didn’t start out that way…

Like most campers, we’ve done most of our camping on or around holidays.  We started with a five-man tent about four years ago and camped with some friends of ours who have a full-sized camper.  That’s where the camping bug first hit us.  That winter we discussed what we wanted to be–tent campers or pop-up campers–and decided we would commit to the work needed for being full-fledged tent campers.  We had a great set-up, too!  The family tent we bought consisted of three 8×8 rooms and an outdoor 8×8 canopy (so it looked like a big square of four equally-sized spaces).  The center room (which was ours) even had an opening in it for an air conditioner (which, of course, we also had)!  We then had our 5-man tent as the “kitchen” and a gazebo tent for the picnic table.

image image

But the first time that we set all of this up was  a very hot-and-humid Memorial Day weekend camping trip.  That was the first and only time that we camped as “tent campers”.  With the notion that camping is supposed to be relaxing, we set in on that trip with a whole lot of work getting everything set up.  Then we turned around a day-and-a-half later and did all that work again tearing it all down and packing it.  I was wasted.  And definitely not relaxed.

Lesson learned.

Then my wife found a great deal on a high-wall pop-up camper.  It’s beautiful!  And it’s got everything:  gas stove, microwave, toilet/shower, and a refrigerator (all things my wife realized she wanted after the tent-camping incident).  We had to replace our awning a couple of years ago and decided to go with a “Dome awning”.  So now, this what we camp with when we’re camping with friends and family:


It’s also never boring when we camp with these people.  Far from it.  In fact, one of our buddies decided to surprise us last year and dress like Cousin Eddie from the “Vacation” movies (he’s holding a beer, but it is of the “root” variety):


So far, though, I would have to say that my fondest memory of camping with our friends took place last year.  We typically camp with three other families.  One of the wives from one of those families had a rather interesting experience when she went to take a shower at the campground.  (For the sake of everyone involved and to protect the identity of innocent parties, we’ll just call her “Patty”.)

It was around 7:30 in the morning and Patty decided she was going to the shower.  As she approached the building, she couldn’t remember which side of the building the showers were on.  But since she noticed men were going to and from the right side of the building, she headed to the left side, saw a door marked “Showers” and walked right in.    She thought it odd that the undressing/dressing area would be completely open like it was with the showers being off to the side in separate stalls, but didn’t think much of it.  She was the only one in the whole shower room, so she took advantage of it by taking her time undressing, showering, toweling off and getting fresh clothes on for the day.

As she started heading for the door, a man walked in, saw her and they both stopped in their tracks.  She gave him a compassionate, knowing laugh and said, “I think you walked into the wrong shower.”  He, still looking at her like a deer in the headlights, said, “No, I think you walked into the wrong shower.”  She, now feeling a little perturbed at him, said, “Nooo, I think you walked into the wrong shower.”  He then said, as he backed up and checked the shower sign, “Nooo, you definitely walked into the wrong shower.”  And she said, “Nooooo!” in complete shock, embarrassment and  amazement as she walked to the door–a door that clearly said “MEN” under the word “SHOWERS”.  She took all that time to do all that she did in there without one man entering that shower room!

God is merciful…


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  1. I would have been mortified! Whew! Close call!

    That’s something I wish our family did. My husband is not much of an outdoors man, as far as fishing and camping are concerned. When I was growing up, we would stay up all night fishing on the dike. I kind of feel like a bad parent that my kids don’t have those same experiences.

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