Passing Gas

I don’t recall if I have mentioned it before, but I used to work for an armored truck company.  Interesting job, to say the least.  And potentially one of the most dangerous.

I worked for them for two months shy of fifteen years.  The first question that is probably floating through your mind right now is, “Did you ever have anything happen to you?”  I had a lot of things happen to me, but thankfully none of them involved being robbed or shooting anyone.  The closest I every got to anything going down actually happened twice in the fourteen-plus years that I was with them.

My wife and I pray every morning over each other and our family, but we especially did that when I had that job!  I’ll tell you this, God certainly came through–both times.  Here’s how it happened:  I typically rode in the back of the armored truck.  As my driver pulled us up to our next stop, I distinctly felt the Holy Spirit impress upon me, do not get out of this truck.  Even though a couple of years separated these two events, that is exactly how it happened both times!  I’ll tell you what, that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.  The first time it happened, I told my driver that something didn’t feel right about this and that we would move ahead to our next stop and come back.  We did exactly that, came back and everything felt very normal.  The second time, I just sat there and waited.  It was a solid minute or two before that impression lifted and I knew that whatever–or whoever–it was that was “wrong” about this situation had passed.

Something else that also happened twice was our truck breaking down out in the middle of nowhere–literally.  We were out in the middle of nowhere.  Nothing but cornfields and cows.  Not a good situation to be in.  And it just so happened that both times that this occurred,  I had the same driver–in the same truck!  Hmmm…that should have told me something right there.  You know what was really cool, though?  The first time it happened–no exaggeration, it was within the first minute of being stranded on the side of the roada sheriff car pulled up behind us and stayed with us the entire time (which happened to be from around 2:30 in the afternoon to somewhere around 8:30 that night–yes, that’s how long it took to get a tow truck big enough and out far enough to where we were)!  You’re not supposed to ride in a towed vehicle, but we had too many bodies and not enough seats in the tow truck, so I got the short straw and had to ride in the front seat of the cold armored truck as it rode along hoisted up on its back wheels.  No heat in a solid metal cubicle on a cold October night equals a very cold ride back to the shop–even stopping along the way for something hot to drink.  Then the second time it happened, the local police showed up within the first five minutes of being broken down.  Talk about being “on-the-spot-Johnny”!  That time it didn’t take nearly as long and it was just outside of the town we had left.  Comparing the first break-down to that one was like comparing sleeping in a tent to sleeping in a five-star hotel.

Now I don’t know why, but I was thinking when I first started to tell you this story that we had run out of gas when we were stranded like that.  Obviously, that wasn’t the case.  But I had been with some drivers that definitely pushed the envelope in that regard–so much so that my beady little eyes would be glistening with sweat as I looked through the glass  window that separated the front of the truck from the back at the gas gauge as it dipped below the “E”.   I had already been stranded on the side of the road enough on this job–I sure didn’t want it to be for such an idiotic thing as intentionally running on vapors.  It never got to that point, but come on…..

Well, let me finish with this true story (this didn’t happen at our branch of the company, but it supposedly happened at another one):  A  police officer was sitting in his cruiser watching traffic  go by.  He watched one of our trucks drive by and immediately noticed something very peculiar:  The driver of the truck was fanning his door back and forth!  Not knowing if this might be a signal that the truck had been hijacked (not to be laughed at–that does happen), he called for back-up.  The armored truck eventually was pulled over to the side of the road with four to five police cruisers surrounding it.  So what did they find?  No hijackers.  No immediate threat to anyone’s lives.  Well, maybe that’s slightly incorrect.  Those trucks are notorious for having very little air movement.  The guy in the back of the truck had gas so bad that the driver was fanning the door in a desperate move to get fresh air into the front cab!


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