Playing In The Snow

You just missed a chance to meet my boys!  They just finished playing with me in the snow over in that clearing.

My wife and I have two boys, ages 10 and 11 1/2 (about 16 months apart–the closest thing to twins we’ll ever see).  I couldn’t be more proud of these two mighty-men-of-God-in-the-making.  And to be able to give them some memories of playing in the snow with their Dad….well, the importance of that is beyond words!

The only memories I have of being out in the snow with my Dad are of helping him shovel out driveways over the years.  But I do have one memory that stands out from the others.

Back when I was in the single digits (around the time Major was….here), we had a major snowstorm that dumped a good three feet of snow on the ground.  Now you tell me, does that not make a kid’s heart go pitterpat double-time?  To know that there is snow outside that’s taller than you are, and it’s just begging to be jumped in, tunneled through, sledded down….sigh….those were the days.

Dad had just finished shoveling the drive, and we really wanted a snow fort dug out for my brother and I.   So my Dad proceeded to shovel out a curved path into the yard from the driveway that eventually opened up into a small square area.  How cool was this!!  The path was probably ten to fifteen feet long and the open area four to five feet square (although this, I’m sure, seemed bigger to us–I’m even right now trying to realistically remember its size).  I remember my Dad being pretty exhausted after that, but we had a fort!

Then Major found it.  And Babe.  How did we know?  They left….signs.  Nasty signs.  Dirty, smelly signs.  And yellow graffiti….everywhere.  We enjoyed a clean fort for about 4 or 5 hours.  It didn’t take long at all for our fort to be vandalized by these two flat-coated retrievers, one of which probably had a fresh stocking-cap kill that he was saving for later.

We don’t have a dog (or two) to give our boys these kind of memories, but we’re making up for that in other ways.  Like working on snow forts together and having snowball fights.

Yup….I sure am blessed.  And so are they.

See you soon.

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  1. I love your postings Matt. Keep them coming! We are at our cabin in Show Low, Arizona, waiting for some snow! You are gifting your boys with something wonderful in remembering the special times.

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