Something Sweet

No, I’m not referring to me (although my wife would disagree).

I have always had a sweet tooth.  Especially for just about anything homemade.  And the richer the better.  My wife, on the other hand, although enjoying sweet things, does not like the rich desserts.  This usually means that when it comes to dessert, we don’t split anything.  She enjoys the fruity flavors while I prefer the rich chocolate, turtle-type or white chocolate-oriented creations.  (Don’t misunderstand that–I’ll help finish off just about anything she gets if she doesn’t want the rest of it.  “No dessert left behind” is my motto.)

So recently we took a trip to Ft. Wayne, a half-way point in our travels from Ohio to Michigan where my family is.  We met my Mom there for a half day of hanging out together and going to some places we’ve never been.  This adventure culminated with a stop at a dessert shop called DeBrand Fine Chocolates.  It’s off of I-69 at exit 316 (turn west and then left at the light after Speedway; from there, it’s down the street on the right.  You need to know this.)  All I can say is WOW.  I so wish this place was close to home!

They make all their own chocolates, which are top-notch in and of themselves.  But they also offer other desserts and a sitting area to enjoy them in that’s just flat-out cozy and relaxing.  And, to go along with that cozy atmosphere, they also offer coffee drinks.  What a great place to enjoy a coffee together!

As great as this find was, I found myself feeling irritated at something.  We’ve been married for fourteen years now.  In that fourteen years, we’ve made countless trips back and forth from our home in Ohio to the Lansing area in Michigan.  Exit 316 on I-69 has always been our half-way point for bathroom breaks / food and drink stops / all that jazz.  For a long time, a coffee shop called Groundlevel Coffee was our favorite stopping point.  Then, on a trip up to Michigan, we pulled in and saw that they were closed–gone forever.  We were crushed.  Devastated.  In need of therapy.  Since then, we just haven’t found anything that we could consider a replacement.  We have been wandering around Exit 316 aimlessly ever since, looking for a place to call home.

DeBrand has been there the whole time–just under our noses–right around the corner from where we typically stop.  Fourteen wasted years!  Well, no more!!  Once again, we have found our favorite stopping place for our Ohio/Michigan travels through the Ft. Wayne area.  We found a home!  We’ve been grafted into the vine!  No longer lost and homeless!  Oh, what a feeling!