Something To Be Thankful For

I’ll get to the other lawn mowing stories, but with Thanksgiving coming up this week, I wanted to share with you something that I am very thankful for.

I realize that this country has been in turmoil for quite some time with all of the political happenings, especially since the election has taken place.  We’ve all heard and seen the stories, from riots to universities actually coddling students with counseling, therapy dogs, coloring books and Play-doh (I can’t even comprehend that really happening, but it has).

As sad as it is that our universities treat our young adults like five-year-olds, what would really matter when push comes to shove?  We Americans still live in an amazing country–a country that has been through a lot and grown stronger as a result (granted, where we are now is pretty messed up, but we’re not about to give up now).  If America were to suddenly be threatened country-wide by a common enemy, a threat that meant each American had to fight for himself and defend his own household and his neighbor,  what would we see happen?  I believe that the vast majority of us would lock arms with our neighbor and stand together to fight for this land we call home.  Would it matter what our political stand was?  Would it matter what our religious beliefs were?  Would it matter what our position on education was?  Would anything else at all be as important in that moment?  I don’t believe it would–at all.  And that should speak volumes to us.

That is what I am so thankful for:  The American spirit.  There is something very unique and inspiring about the American spirit.  Remember the stories we all heard around 9/11?  Even though it was over fifteen years ago, I clearly remember all those people on United Airlines flight 93 who chose to fight back (and knowingly die in doing so) instead of letting those terrorists go through with their plan.  Where is that spirit today?  Oh, it’s there, but it’s dormant.  And it’s been dormant for far too long.  Do we need another national catastrophe to bring us together again?  How sad would it be that we let things get to that point before we do?

Let’s be proactive and lock arms now before something like that happens again.  Let’s move forward as what we are supposed to be:  The United States of America.