Sweet Snob

I love desserts!  Wait.  Let me qualify that.  I love homemade desserts.  Huge difference, right?  Of course, you may be one who couldn’t care less where something sweet comes from.  Nope, a package from the store or made from scratch at home doesn’t matter.  All you care about is the fact that you’ve got something on-hand to satisfy that craving when it suddenly shows up on your radar.  Or maybe you’re like my brother.  He has never really had a “sweet tooth” (I’m sure you’ve heard that saying before).  For the most part, if something sweet is on the table, he can take it or leave it–even if it’s homemade.  I don’t get that.  I’m still praying for him and his affinity for sweets, but in all these years, I don’t think it has helped any.  Except for the fact that he does seem to enjoy his wife’s homemade desserts.  So maybe she has become that Superman’s kryptonite.  Hmmm…..Maybe those prayers have been working!

Myself, I tend to be a “Sweet Snob”.  If something isn’t homemade, I typically turn my nose up at it (unless I haven’t had something sweet in a long time and what’s available at that moment is the only option for me).  I have noticed, however, that the older I have gotten, the more snobbish I have become when it comes to sweets.  I’ll bet my wife is to blame!  She is a magician in the kitchen, hands down.  But in the last 14.5 years of being married to her, she has made some absolutely incredible edibles when it comes to desserts.  So now, at this point of my life, I usually don’t touch anything unless it’s homemade–no matter how long it’s been or what’s currently available.  If the only desserts to be had are store-bought cookies, pies, cakes or what-have-you, I will usually leave them alone and just wait until I can have the real thing.  Might not be for a while, but when I finally get it….oh, let’s just say that people put “Better-Than-Sex” in the name of their desserts for a reason.

I do need to mention here that my wife’s magic in the kitchen with desserts has usually been what has led to the “Bethisms” that I told you about before.  That being said, she learned her craft from her Mom (who, for a couple of years, made me a homemade turtle cheesecake for my birthday that was beyond description).  So when I get a really good homemade dessert in front of me, my eyes dilate and everything goes into slow motion.  I’m like a connoisseur, swishing cake or pie or cookie around in my mouth (really hard to do since it’s not wine)–trying to pick out each ingredient (how much of each was used, when they were manufactured, where each one came from,  whether it was raining or sunny the day they were harvested, which ones were organic), when the dessert was put together, what temperature it was baked at and for how long–the usual connoisseur-type habits that befall an individual who appreciates such delicacies.

So I have no problem admitting to someone that I am a Sweet Snob.  It is with pride in my craft that I bow to such a name as that.  My brother can relate.  He’s a Coffee Snob.  Maybe we’ll talk about that sometime soon….

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  1. Excellent blog! You are a joy to cook/bake for….and as far as some of my creations being, “Better-than-Sex…”, well…I might have to disagree…lol!

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