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Point of No Return

“The point of no return” is often used to describe the moment in time when, upon reaching it, there is absolutely no way to stop or reverse what has been done.  Here is a true story that illustrates the importance of that moment.  It came from a seminar that I attended and involves the speaker’s dog…..

The person speaking had a family dog that totally and in every way loved its freedom to run outdoors.  They had a fenced-in back yard in a semi-rural suburb, but this dog always seemed to find a way over a certain part of the fence to its freedom beyond.  It always waited until the family left in their car and no one was around.  It would wander around the neighborhood, saying hi to all the other dogs and lesser life forms (also known as cats) and eventually come back around to its own house again.

This family realized that they had to do something to try to keep this dog within the limits of the back yard (which was a rather large one at that).  So they decided to get an invisible fence.  This is an electric fence that’s buried just below the surface of the yard.  The dog wears a special collar that picks up a signal the fence emits from below the ground.  This signal transfers into an electric shock that the dog feels around its neck.  The closer the dog gets to the fence, the stronger the signal that is received in the collar.

This might sound cruel at first, but there’s something important to understand about this.   When the dog’s collar first picks up the signal, the shock is light enough to just warn the dog that it’s getting too close to a boundary.  If the dog continues to walk closer to the fence, though, the shock becomes stronger until it’s just too much for the dog to take.  (Certainly not a point of no return, but probably in the ball park.)  This produces a nice brown streak across the yard as the dog suddenly repents of its actions and runs back from whence it came (besides the brown streak, you also see the dog).

Once the invisible fence was in and the dog had been trained on it for a while,  the family decided they would try leaving again and see what would happen.  They did so and came home to find their dog greeting them at the front of the house!  This happened quite a few times and became the unanswerable question.  Eventually, they came up with an idea to see how this dog was getting out of the back yard.

They made it very evident to the dog that they were leaving for a while.  Once they had driven out of sight of the house, however, they quickly circled back around and parked where the dog couldn’t see them, but they could see the dog in the back yard.  They were just in time to see the incredible actions of their family pet.

The dog was facing its favorite spot where it used to jump over the fence.  It backed up as far as it could and gave every indication that it was psyching itself up for something.  But what?  Suddenly, the dog started running towards the invisible fence!  As it got within shocking range, it started to yelp at the shocks it was getting on its neck.  But, incredibly, the dog ran even faster towards the fence!  It had reached the point of no return!  As the shocks became more intense, the yelps coming from the dog grew in volume to match.  But within seconds, the dog had crossed the buried fence and was free once again!

What can be learned from this dog’s actions?  Well, the dog wanted something bad enough that it was willing to endure whatever it had to to get it.  So what about you?  Is there something you want bad enough that you’re willing to cross the point of no return and endure whatever you need to to get it?  Your Big Dream?  A risk you might be scared to take?  A promotion at work and the unknowns of new territory that would bring?

If a dog is willing to cross the point of no return for its freedom to run around, what’s holding you back from what you really want to do?  Endure the pain, the discomfort and anything else that may arise.  It’ll be worth it in the end!

One more thing, in case you were wondering.  If memory serves me correctly, that family decided to put the old fence back up and may have used both as a deterrent to the dog’s escapades.

Waiting On God To Move

Waiting.  And waiting some more.  We all hate that part of our lives, don’t we?  I have heard Joyce Meyer say that most of our lives are spent in that “waiting for something” phase and that it’s what we choose to do while we’re waiting that makes all the difference.  If you look at your own life, I imagine you can see that for yourself as well.  Most of our lives are indeed lived in that place of waiting.

But waiting for what?  Circumstances to change?  Something to be provided for you that you don’t have yet?  Examples could go on and on.  But there is certainly a question that we need to ask ourselves:  Is there something we are waiting on that we are actually supposed to do ourselves?  What if you’re waiting for something to change and all the while you actually have the ability to do something about it yourself–you’re just scared to?  Hard words, but what if your path to your Dream is right in front of you and it’s simply a matter of you putting some action to it?  Don’t put it off any longer!

But maybe you’re in a situation like I am, where you’ve done all you know to do to prepare for and attain your Dream, and now you’re playing the waiting game.  In a way, this is a much harder place to be than any other, because you’re now waiting for things that are completely out of your control.  Especially when you know that God has given you this Dream that you’re chomping at the bit to begin doing!

My friend, take courage.  And know that God is right there with you, walking your journey out together with you (or at least He wants to!).  His companionship itself is worth it all, but He has also given us all kinds of promises in His Word for us to lean on and use to get us through these times of waiting that we’re talking about.  Promises like this one from Habakkuk 2:3, “For the vision is yet for an appointed time and it hastens to the end; it will not deceive or disappoint.  Though it tarry, wait earnestly for it because it will surely come.  It will not be behindhand on its appointed day.”  One more for you:  Psalm 27:14, “Wait, hope for and expect the Lord.  Be brave and of good courage and let your heart be stout and enduring.  Yes, wait for, hope for and expect the Lord.”

Directly from His heart to yours!

Along The Journey

So, we’re on our way north…..

The weather today feels like it!  It’s been pretty warm lately, but some very cool weather has moved in–only for a day or two though.  Might want your jacket on today.  Got mine on and a cuppa coffee in my hand.  I love this kind of  weather!

I wanted to share something humorous with you today, but I felt I was to go in a different direction.  You know how we’ve talked about God-given Dreams and the pursuit of them?  Here’s some food for thought to add to what we’ve already talked about.  And just a reminder, I realize that you might believe differently about the God of the Bible than I do, but just try this on for size and tell me what you think (isn’t it worth stretching your beliefs if it means the possibility of finding the reality of something better?)

God has given me a huge Dream.  He has shown me where I and my family are going, but not how we’re going to get there.  Just the way God likes it!  Why?  Because it puts us very much in a state of dependence on Him.  Trust.  Not in logic or reason–there’s a place for that, but not at the expense of Faith–but rather in God Himself and His ability and willingness to come through.  Again and again.  And every time that He does, it becomes easier to trust Him and what He is doing.

I’ve got some things going on in my life right now that quite frankly should have me stressing out.  But I have found that the more I choose to trust the God of the Bible, the easier it is to do so.  I have started doing this just like anyone else would:  tripping myself up a lot at first, but the more I have put this into practice, the easier I find it is to not think things and to just trust Him.  Period.  Not easy, but worth doing.  It sure makes life more simple with far less worry going on (also the way He likes it).  I’m not an expert at this–not by a long shot–but I’m well on my way.  And hopefully experiencing that walk with your company, which means you have chosen to do the same on this journey with me.  Very exciting!

I am also finding that the more I do this, the happier I am and the more I enjoy my life…right now.  It’s no wonder our enemy tries so hard to get us in that dark place and keep us there (remember that talk too?).  Oh, how much faster God’s plan comes to pass when we trust Him, not let our joy be affected and become stronger in every way through the whole process.  Satan realizes he’s wasting his time and moves on to somebody else who will cave under his pressure (he’s under a budget, you know, with limited resources; God…well, God has unlimited….everything).

Remember, you have the freedom to believe whatever you want to believe about this stuff.  But which way of believing is ultimately more productive and beneficial for you?  Jesus is very real–whether you want to believe it or not–and He loves you so much that He gave you the freedom to choose to accept Him or reject Him as your Savior.  Pretty simple.  But a choice with absolutely huge and incomprehensible ramifications.  So choose wisely, my friend…..

A Big Dream

Wow, has this weather changed!  Spring is definitely here.  You probably already realized that we took our snowshoes off quite a while ago.  We’re still heading north, but we sure don’t need those anymore.  The trees are starting to bud, and soon there will be Spring blossoms everywhere you look!  I love Spring!

I am going to state a fact that you are well aware of if you have been walking with me from the beginning:  You still don’t know where exactly it is that we’re heading.  Well, I believe the time has come for you to find that out.  This is going to be in stages, though, so I don’t know how long it will take to show you the whole picture.  But just let me tell you that you aren’t going to want to miss this!  It’s already an amazing story–and every bit of it as true as the sky is blue.  So, let’s have a seat in this clearing over here and take a break….

Let me start by asking you a question:  Have you ever asked God, “What am I supposed to do with my life?….What’s my purpose for being here?…What’s my Big Dream?”  Do you know that every one of us has a Big Dream?  I’m not being corny here; I’m being as serious as I know to be, because that’s one of the most important questions you could ever ask Him.  I know, because I asked God that question for over 20 years before I finally got the answer.  Why did it take that long?  Well, if you continue to walk this out with me, you’ll find that out, too.

A Big Dream.  If you’re not careful, you can put a stigma around a phrase like that.  Granted, the self-help and network marketing industries have over-used these phrases, but that doesn’t make it any less true.  God has placed a Big Dream inside each one of us, and it’s up to each one of us to discover what that Big Dream is….and pursue it (both of which can’t be properly done without God’s assistance).  By the way, one of the biggest indicators that you have discovered your Big Dream is that you realize the only way you can accomplish it is with God’s help.

So let’s continue walking this trail we’re blazing together and I’ll tell you an amazing tale….