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Autumn In The Air

Autumn has definitely been in the air this week.  Cooler temps and shorter days certainly add to the feeling that the Holidays are just around the corner.  The sky itself–the position of the sun and even how the clouds look–lends to that Autumn feel in the air.

Tahquamenon Falls, Michigan

Our family loves this time of year.  The coziness that comes with the weather getting colder and the Autumn decorations coming out (excluding anything to do with Halloween) continues on into the Christmas season.  Even more so with all of the Christmas decorations that come out.  Some people and families don’t make this much of a big deal.  And that’s certainly ok for them.  But for us, it takes on a wonderful life of its own.

This time of year also means getting ready for home school.  And this year brings for us a new curriculum that we’re using.  That usually brings a little more stress to the situation since we aren’t familiar with the curriculum.  But compared to the stress teachers deal with in public school on a daily basis, what we endure is hardly worth mentioning.

My wife does Daycare out of the home and has watched kids for a number of school teachers over the years.  One of them was homeschooling her kids, even though she was a teacher!  If that doesn’t go to show how bad things have gotten in our school systems, I don’t think much else will.  That arena certainly is not what it used to be when I was a kid.  I wouldn’t want anything to do with it now, which is another reason we took the home school plunge years ago.

We certainly recognize that homeschooling isn’t for everyone,  but for those willing to do it, it’s very much worth the effort!  We have found it makes things far more flexible for us, allowing for trips to see family in Michigan certain times throughout the school year.

So, as we begin that process once again, it just goes to remind me that Autumn–my favorite time of the year–is here again!

Autumn at Sault Ste Marie, Michigan

Happy Autumn, my friend!

Rain (Or Lack Thereof)

Hey, friend!

This may be on the brief side, but it is well worth noting.

Not too long ago, my family and I were going to be driving back from Michigan to Ohio with a trailer and a truck full of furniture and things that we were bringing back from my Mom’s house.  (I’m sure you’re familiar with this type of situation–you don’t really have the room for it, but if you want it you need to get it.)

My best friend from high school hooked up with me and helped load everything, tarping and strapping it all down and generally using every bungie cord and strap on-hand to make sure nothing was going anywhere it shouldn’t for the trip back.  As we were doing this, we found out from my wife that rain was no only expected at different times on the way back, but the closer we got to home, the more rain was supposed to come (“locally heavy at times” was the way it read).  It’s important to know that we were only up there from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon and the repeated checks on the weather showed us no rain at all for either location.  Now it’s changed to this??  Great….

So we repacked some things and tried as best we could to prepare for any and all possible wetness.  And when it was all done, we prayed together.  Nothing fancy….just declaring the Word of God over our situation and asking Him to make any rain go around us as we travelled back so that nothing would get wet (we’re talking antique furniture and collectibles that really shouldn’t see water at all).

So what happened?  God is faithful, that’s what happened!  We didn’t encounter any type of threatening weather until the last half of our trip.  And when we did, we found that we were either driving ahead of the threatening skies, or driving through areas that had recently had rain but it wasn’t raining now, or driving through little pockets of rainfall that didn’t last long and dried up quickly.  It was literally going around us as we were making our way home!  And when we finally got there, not a thing was even wet!

Think what you will, but I know God answers the prayers of His people.  A man with an experience is never at the mercy of a man with a theory…..