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The World of Selfies

Selfies.  A word that I never heard growing up.  Now, of course, it’s such a popular term that it has found its way into the dictionary like the word “Google” has.

Taking a selfie is something I rarely do.  In fact, I really don’t do much with the camera on my phone (or any camera, for that matter).  My wife, on the other hand, is quite familiar with her camera and selfies.  (I’m glad she is.  Otherwise, we would hardly have any pictures of our boys from over the years.)

We were all invited to a wedding yesterday.  I may or may not have mentioned in previous conversations that my wife does Daycare work out of the home.  One of the moms she watches for was getting married and invited us to the wedding.  So, as you can imagine, I’m basically flying blind as I attend this event.  I hardly know the mom and certainly don’t know anybody else in attendance.  My wife wasn’t too far behind me either.  She may have known another person or two, but she was essentially in the same boat as I was.  But that was okay.  Our boys were with us in the boat as well, so we were content as a family to just float along and enjoy the afternoon.

It’s interesting to watch people you don’t know interact with other people that they obviously do know.  Interesting behavior was observed all the way around:  An older couple walked in and were greeted by a woman whom they had apparently not seen for a long time.  She gave each one of them a peck on the lips as they caught up on human events.  A couple of individuals even deemed this celebratory event worthy of bringing an open beer to the wedding ceremony.  But none was more entertaining for us than the young woman who sat directly in front of us.

She wore a skirt short enough that my wife was concerned our boys would eventually see something they shouldn’t see as this woman sat in front of us.  Then, almost immediately, she pulled out her phone.  I thought, Oh no!  Here come the selfies!  She held it out and slightly up in classic selfie fashion.  Her head tilted to one side.  She smiled real big (I know, because I could plainly see the selfie screen of her phone as she held it out for all of us to see).  Click.  (Her head tilts the other direction.)  Click.  (She and the woman next to her lean in together.)  Click.

Then, in what had to be gold medal Olympic selfie speed, her fingers flew all over her on-screen keyboard as she madly texted something.  This seemed to be extremely important as it had to go along with the selfies she had just taken.  The world of Facebook was waiting!

This happened two or three times from the time we first sat down to the end of the ceremony.   At least I can say that I came away from that wedding knowing I was entertained and certainly wasn’t bored!

How We Met

You ever feel like you’re so close to something BIG–something that you know God is leading you into and at the same time knowing it’s so much bigger than you currently realize–so close you can taste it, smell it, feel it?  Yet nothing has physically changed (but it could at any time.)  And there are things that have happened in the last few weeks that point to it, making it that much more obvious.  Yet nothing has physically changed (but it could at any time)….

That’s where I am right now on this Journey north with you.  The only other time I have been so sure of something involves my wife.  So let me share that amazing story with you….

No One tells our story like she does!  So I’ll just share my perspective on a few things.  We met when I was 30 and she was 32.  In an online chat room, when it was just beginning to happen (and even then we both had the common fear of only finding freaks, weirdos and perverts).  We met in a Christian Singles Chat Room on the MSN website (it was only my second time in the chat room and I haven’t been back to it since).  We “met” on Sunday night, May 27th 2001 at 10pm (and chatted until 4am the next morning); we  then met face-to-face on June 6th (her birthday); we were engaged July 2nd; and we married October 6th!  You might think that this moved pretty fast–and it did–but when you’ve been preparing for your soulmate since you were thirteen (which we both had been) and praying for him and her every day of your adult life, you’re pretty much ready for things to “move along”. (And because it’s part of our story–and almost unheard of nowadays–I also want you to know that we both remained virgins all those years of waiting and praying.  That is a priceless gift we gave each other that no one will ever be able to take away and that eternally remains with us.)

So, with that being the timeline, let’s focus in on the time leading up to and just passed the wedding.  My side of the family is from Michigan, my wife’s from Ohio.  So both of our Moms took care of mailing out invitations for their respective sides, with the wedding taking place in Michigan.  We had waited a long time for each other, and when you do that, there are a lot of people who you want to celebrate with!  So we had a LOT of people invited to our wedding.  But when the day came, the church sanctuary was maybe half-filled with all the people we had invited.  (Why?)  And then, for the next couple of months after the wedding day, we would encounter people we knew we had invited who would ask us, “Why didn’t you invite us to your wedding?”  (The plot thickens, Watson…)

It was then that we found out some rather crucial information from my Mom:  She mailed out the last batch of wedding invitations around September 10.  The day before 9/11.   So as a result, our wedding invitations were lost in the mail and, to the best of my knowledge, they have never been seen to this day!  A rather unique aspect of our story, to be sure….