The Jetta

Got a quick story for you….

I’m pretty sure it was my Junior year of high school.  Me and my best friend back then whose name was Rick were going to hang out with another friend of ours from school–Mike–whose parents owned a Volkswagen Jetta.

Mike loved to drive.  In a way that was….”parent-challenged”.  And Rick and I didn’t mind.  Especially since it wasn’t a car that belonged to either one of us.

I had been with Mike before in a car and knew what to expect, so Rick was in the passenger seat–strapped in–and I was in the middle of the back seat–strapped in.  I had the middle seatbelt around my waist; the left-hand seatbelt crossing me and attached to the right-hand seatbelt receiver by my right hip; and the right-hand seatbelt crossing me the other way and attached to the left-hand receiver by my left hip.  Did I mention I also had a handle above the inside of both back doors to hold on to?  I wasn’t going anywhere.  And as it turned out…I needed those handles.

We were cruising through the east side of town down a road with two lanes on each side.  As we were waiting at a traffic light, the guy next to us revved his engine as he glanced over at our Jetta.  Mike looked at us, started to smile and revved his engine in return.  Rick and I looked at each other with a “Is he really gonna do this???” expression on our faces and braced ourselves for a whole new meaning to the words “going for a drive”.

As soon as that light turned green, we were weaving through 35mph traffic at a good 50-60mph.  At one time, Mike and the other driver had lost each other, then found each other, then lost each other once again….all the while weaving in and out of traffic.  It was like the Toy Story movie when Woody lights the rocket on Buzz’s back and his lips are flapping in the wind as he tries to hold onto the racecar with all his might.  Mike’s adrenaline was ramped up so high that by the second time he had lost the other driver, he screeched into a grocery store parking lot and came to an abrupt halt–hyperventilating with exhilaration (Rick and I were hyperventilating for other reasons).

Remember those handles I told you were above the back doors?  I think I made my own finger grooves in them.  And Rick–well, remember the nickname given to those big handles in the dashboard that were positioned in front of the passenger seat?  The “Oh, _ _ _ _!!!” handle?  Before we took this leisurely drive with that nice gentleman in the other car, he had no handle in front of his passenger seat.  When we were done, he had made one.  I can tell you this, though:  I didn’t budge an inch that whole ride!