Things I Don’t Understand

Good day to you, my friend!

I am going to give you some time to get caught up on those stories I was mentioning to you.  In the meantime, I found myself thinking about some things.  Some things that I don’t understand.

Observations.  How often do you make them?  Probably all the time and without even realizing what you’re observing.  Then it hits you.  Things like:  Why do people come off the production floor at work and immediately wash their hands (and quite thoroughly at that), then proceed to use the bathroom and then immediately head for the cafeteria when they’re finished?  I’m thinking to myself, He just washed, he’s touched himself in nasty places to use the bathroom facilities and now he’s loose somewhere in the cafeteria touching who-knows-what with those hands?!  Disgusting!!

That, of course, leads to bigger questions in the workplace.  Questions like, “Why do they tell us associates that they’re on our side and looking out for us and then do things and implement policies that clearly show they really aren’t?”  Things that actually set the associates up to fail.  That doesn’t breed trust in your employer or in the work you do for them either.  And yet, amazingly, they wonder why there’s so many issues with morale and people constantly quitting….

Let’s go up to the national level:  Why do our country’s politicians think that we’re idiots and won’t be able to see through the lies and schemes that they have in motion?  Even more relevant is why do we continue to put up with it?  No names, no positions being stated here.  Just honest questions that we all should be asking–ourselves and those above us who can do something about it.

Food for thought.