Water Up The Nose

Ever been swimming and gotten water up your nose?

Of course, anyone who is an adult remembers getting water from a swimming pool up their nose as a kid.  Man, that burns, doesn’t it?!  And you don’t know it’s coming until it’s too late…then the tears start flowing.  Remember trying to talk after that?

“Jimmy, you ok?  That slide off of the diving board with a one-and-a-half somersault with the splits was impressive!  How long you been working on that?”

“Yeah, I’b find.  I habn’t worked od id for very log.  Glad you liked id.  Dow help be wid by leg.  Id’s wrapped aroud by head.”

I also remember swimming in Lake Michigan as a kid (which is only about ten miles from Paradise Lake).  We had about five innertubes my Dad would load up in our trailer to take out there–a huge one that was probably over six feet tall when stood up vertically, one that was around five vertical feet with a third that was a little smaller than that and two other smaller ones (about three vertical feet each) that were kept in the cabin’s boathouse for everyone to use.  My brother and I would take all five out onto Lake Michigan to chest-deep water and stack them up like a pyramid.  Then we’d attempt to climb it and try to get to the top without it collapsing or the waves toppling the whole thing over.  If we made it to the top, we’d attempt to stand up on the top innertube and ride the waves for as long as we could balance up there.  Usually Lake Michigan would tolerate our fun for only so long before she would send forth a larger wave than the others that would send us toppling six or seven feet into the water below.  It was a blast!  But sometimes the water-up-the-nose thing would happen and we’d come out of the water sputtering and holding our nose, waiting for the burning sensation to go away (although it wasn’t nearly as bad as what a chlorinated pool feels) “add souding like a sudded cold had cub upod us.”

So have you ever put water up your nose intentionally?  And have it not hurt?  We do it all the time now–with a sinus rinse kit that we each have.  It took us a while to psyche up to the idea of intentionally flooding our sinuses with water, but it didn’t take us long at all to get used to.  Why?  The salt packets that come in the kit neutralize the water, which takes the sting away; and secondly, you’re in control of the water flow, so you know it’s coming (unlike a pool or lake where you suddenly realize too late the violation that has been committed against your sinus cavities).

I’ll tell you this:  Any physical inconvenience this has caused is so minor in comparison to what it has done for my health!  It was inevitable that at some point every winter I would get a sinus infection.  We’ve been using these sinus rinse kits for well over six years now (all four of us, so that means our kids have been doing it, too).  And for the last six years, I haven’t had a sinus infection.  We don’t fight dry sinus cavities, either, which is a huge problem for me in the winter with all of the dry air I breathe from the furnace being on.

So, just some “FYI” for you.  We get ours at Wal-Mart, but they’re also available online at www.neilmed.com.  (By the way, this isn’t a commercial for them.  It’s simply something that we found works for us.)