Where No Tree Has Gone Before

There’s an older couple that goes to our church who live just outside of town.  I was over there recently and was reminded of a very unique tree that he has.

It’s a very old pear tree with a trunk that’s a good foot or so in diameter and a height of twelve to fifteen feet.  “What’s the big deal about a pear tree?”, you may ask.  This tree is unique because it has nothing growing in the center of it!  Here….take a look:



As you can see, this tree literally has nothing but its bark supporting it and keeping it alive.  And yet, it lives!  It produces fruit every year and has been like this for years.

Clarence (the owner of the property this tree sits on) said that when he discovered this so many years ago, the Lord spoke something to him.  He said to Clarence, “Even if the center is rotten, you can still find good fruit.”

Thought-provoking.  Until next time!….